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I really love your software! So smooth and essential, it is exactly what I need!!!
- Jessica Olmi
Great script.... thank you!
- Interworld
Wonderful script. SO glad I found it. Very powerful.
- John Eric Booth
We've looked at using the big brand providers of email processing before but you notice their free offerings don't include the features you want and the paid options are too expensive for companies dipping their toes into the water of marketing in this way.

We wanted the ability to auto schedule an email to go out a week or so after the initial sign up and the Maian Responder does it for us. Its configurable enough for us to set it up to use a verified, DKIM enabled, SPF enabled, google SMTP service so we have the best hopes of getting the mail to it's intended recipient and our potential customers aren't confused about who is sending it, because it's coming from us, not a third party domain sending on behalf of us.

The free service enabled us to confirm it would work for us but we then had no hesitation in paying the low cost to help Maian develop the software further.
- Tony B - Mobunti Limited
I am very happy to have purchased this software. Maian Responder is a complete software yet, simple. It is robust and works perfect. To me, what I like is that it is easy to manage campaigns, subscribers and messages. Other software or plugins usually complicate everything to manage. Therefore, Maian Responder has a light appearance and an intuitive environment.

I know that David, gradually, will incorporate new features to improve the Autoresponder, because he listens to users like me, when we suggest new features or logical changes that increase the power.

I have many years buying services and software, but technical support David, is absolutely amazing, fast, and effective
- Francisco Ariza Rega - 500sitios.com
I like the product as it is easy to use and have most of the functions needed for a responder
- Mr D
So far I really like everything you guys did with this program - very clean UI and it has all the features I was looking for. I'm very excited to be able to use this for my coming up ad campaigns
- Alexa DeVoe
After a few weeks of searching the web for a email auto responder provider I came across the Maian Responder. The website is very clean and professional in its appearance and was easy to get the information I was after. The website offered a "Free" trail and stated that version 2 was due out in the next few weeks, so with nothing to loose I downloaded it.

I opened up the files and read the information on how to install it, well what can I say, the script is so easy to install it almost falls over itself trying to help you, it is so easy, within 10 minutes of downloading the files the responder was running on my wife's domain. After logging into the admin control panel and a few clicks I had my first email auto responder up an running, so easy and worked right out the box.

I did have one little issue so I emailed support, within 10 minutes, I had a response from the owner/developer who explained that I had not completed a task prior to the install, so it was nothing wrong with the software just me being eager !!

After several days version 2 of the software was released so I attempted the upgrade, this also was very easy to do. After upgrading the software and testing I decided to buy the software not only for my wife's domain. I can honestly say that the install was just as easy on my second domain and the licencing too was very straight forward. I cannot recommend this software highly enough.

Well done to the developer and I trust more software will be developed over the coming years.
- Simon Hughes
1) All programs out there charge $10 - per 250 contacts
2) All programs out there will only send X (usually 1000) emails a day
3) All programs are a pain in the a** to set up and are hard as hell to configure and test.

With your program I can have unlimited accounts, can send up to 5000 emails a day (I figured out I can use my godaddy vps server email that allows 5000 emails a day and remove my mailjet membership and it works flawlessly!), Your program is simple to use and understand, and I can do it all for only $30 a month!

I am new to online marketing but this is truly going to help me. This is why I am purchasing your software, it is amazing thank you so much for creating such great software!
- Vladimir
I've worked with a multitude of bulk email programs over the past 6 years and they all have their pros and cons. There didn't seem to be one that could do it all for me and some are so convoluted I just never got started or I spent loads of hours setting them up only to find out I needed to buy something before I could send 1000's of emails.

Maian Responder is self-hosted, feature packed yet simple to use and once you have installed and setup the system (which is very easy) you can fire away emails without worrying about escalating costs or email limits. Obviously, managing your own reputation carefully is a prerequisite but any legitimate email sender will understand this and not expect software to compensate for reckless email spamming.

Used in conjunction with Amazon's SES as your SMTP you can happily send 2000 emails a day (for FREE) without worrying about a thing.

If you are sick of hunting for a decent self-hosted option, buy Maian Responder and start marketing instead of cobbling together bad solutions.
- Julio Graham (Managing Director - Olive Professional Services Ltd)
Its the fact that it is super easy to learn, it executes superfast, and it works off your phone. I could sing its praises all day, but instead, I'd urge anyone looking into email marketing to give this a try.

Watch full YouTube review here.
- Victor M. Perez
Over the past year-and-a-half I've been actively looking for a free or reasonably priced self-hosted autoresponder solution. I came across many... from free to paid, from Wordpress plugins to self-installed scripts. They were either too expensive for my tastes, quite buggy or flat out did not perform in a reliable manner. Eventually, I somehow stumbled across Maian Responder.

This self-hosted autoresponder installs in a straight forward manner and has an easy to use front-end interface. Functionally simple without too many bells and whistles and it works fantastic. In addition, David's support is second to none.
- Jerry Higgins

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