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Maian Responder release history is shown below. If a new version is in progress, information will be shown below, beneath the changelog:

Maian Responder Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 2.2 (09/03/2019):
[+] Added daylight savings adjustment option for broadcast messages. Useful if messages are 1hr out.
[+] Added missing closelabel.gif image in admin. Should be visible on lightbox windows.
[+] Added new message tag %date_joined%, this will convert into the date the subscriber joined the campaign
[+] Added option to auto clear log files over a certain size (logs will be moved to database in future version).
[+] Added option to auto delete broadcast message after completion
[+] Added option to initially clear all subscribers from database when adding/importing subscribers
[+] Added option to pass subscriber ID in opt-in url. Useful for further processing on destination pages. See docs
[+] Added option to pass subscriber email in opt-out urls. Useful for further processing on destination pages. See docs
[+] Added send total and sent count for broadcast messages and added active broadcasts to admin homescreen
[*] Improved bounce handlers where flags in emails appeared on different lines because of newline/carriage return characters
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.0.7)
[-] Fixed a couple of document import/export reference errors that were broke in the previous version.
[-] Fixed issue for single opt-in campaigns that prevented existing subscribers from redirecting to opt-in page if auto redirect was enabled for campaign and the subscriber existed in campaign
[-] Fixed issue preventing searches from working in the admin CP if the search button was clicked
[-] Fixed issue where subscriber count was incorrect on admin statistics page
[-] Fixed issue where tracking links didn't redirect to target url when messages were disabled after send completion
[-] Fixed issue where tracking links weren't parsed correctly when adding new subscribers and sending an intial follow up message
[-] Fixed issue where unsubscribe link ignored emails with hyphens in versions older than 2.0
[-] Fixed issue with admin graph displaying incorrectly if there were hundreds of thousands of subscribers
[-] Fixed issue with bounce handlers where email addresses weren't extracted from email error headers if they contained a period symbol in the local part of the address
[-] Fixed issue with bounce handlers where whitespace or hidden end of line characters could prevent the bounce flag from being picked up
[-] Fixed issue with database connection throwing undefined offset errors if query packet failed

Version 2.1 (13/03/2018):
[+] Added breadcrumb links to desktop version of admin CP
[+] Added option to admin CP settings to clear the cron message cache database table
[+] Added option to create custom tags for follow up and broadcast messages.
[+] Added option to redirect subscribers to Opt-In page automatically if their account is already active on signup
[*] In Admin CP filters and search boxes are now persistent unless closed to help productivity.
[*] In Admin CP, changed protocol dropdowns to radio buttons to better identify selection on campaign/link edit screens
[*] In Admin CP, for follow up and broadcast messages, the HTML preview now loads only the HTML entered in the message
[*] Maian Responder should now run on servers running MySQL in strict mode.
[*] Min PHP version to run software increased to 5.5. PHP5.5 or higher required.
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.0.3)
[*] When sending SMTP mail tests, the 'To' name and email addresses are now saved
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.3.1
[-] Fixed bug preventing viewing of CleanTalk API log if enabled
[-] Fixed invalid CSS reference in admin template file
[-] Fixed issue preventing CleanTalk API from working properly due to missing form variable
[-] Fixed potential server date errors with PHP5.6 when running cron jobs

Version 2.0 (04/04/2017):
[+] Added HTML lang & dir parameters to all HTML headers for languages that require it.
[+] Added batch delete checkboxes to all admin list screens.
[+] Added copy options for follow up/broadcast messages making it easier to add similar messages
[+] Added new feature, link tracking. Enables you to track clicks on links in campaign messages.
[+] Added new option to broadcast messages to allow sending of recurring messages to subscribers who joined between given dates
[+] Added new option to follow up messages to allow sending of recurring messages to subscribers who joined between given dates
[+] Added option to disable HTML emails. Useful for people who prefer to only send plain text messages.
[+] Added option to preview HTML email if enabled
[+] Added optional Wysiwyg editor for HTML composition for follow up/broadcast messages
[+] Added support for CleanTalk API. Simple, cost effective anti spam system to protect your signup forms from spammers & bots.
[+] Added support for standard POST/GET for signup form for easier integration on web pages.
[*] Added air date picker for better fexibility, removed jQuery UI date picker
[*] Added delete logic for duplicate emails. Added option to remove subscriber from existing campaigns on signup
[*] Added send date / time to broadcast list screen. Screen now orders by send date / time.
[*] Ajax signup code updated for HTML5. Added bootstrap & font awesome support
[*] All admin javascript operations rebuilt with more streamlined code
[*] Brand new admin control panel layout
[*] Display improvements for small devices
[*] Documentation revised and updated
[*] Free version restriction now only allows max 100 broadcast and follow up messages
[*] Improvements to SQL table cleanup, signup and unsubscribe routines
[*] Improvements to custom mail tags to prevent invalid characters from causing HTML emails not to load
[*] Improvements to messaging routines to stop cron jobs / message ops from overlapping causing duplicate messages to be sent.
[*] Removed email address from unsubscribe link in favour of unique code. Legacy links still supported.
[*] Removed jqPlot plugin in favour of the chartist graph plugin
[*] Removed static admin control panel left menu, added off canvas menu
[*] Removed statistic graphs in favour of simpler overview screen
[*] System now supports first name, last name for subscribers for better personalisation.
[*] Updated HTML to plain text converter to use class by Jevon Wright.
[*] Updated PHPMailer class to v5.2.21
[*] Updated email HTML wrapper to HTML5
[*] When adding new campaign you can specify http OR https protocols for opt in/out urls and homepage
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.1.1
[-] Fixed bug preventing mail connection test from working for bounce handlers
[-] Fixed fatal error when searching subscriber history
[-] Fixed licence issue that caused a parse error on some servers

Version 1.3 (18/08/2016):
[+] Added support for PHP7
[-] Fixed fatal error on database backup page in admin for some installations. Broke in 1.2.
[-] Fixed undefined index error within SparkPost web hook

Version 1.2 (16/03/2016):
[+] Added support for Spark Post web hook
[-] Fixed JSON issue that caused the signup page to fail when code was placed on remote servers
[-] Fixed database backup errors causing backup to completely fail.
[-] Fixed database backup issue when database name was in uppercase characters
[-] Fixed installer bug for database with hyphens in name
[-] Fixed issue that caused cron jobs to fail on some servers.
[-] Fixed licence issues when using the signup form on remote servers
[-] On admin backup page, last updated date was showing incorrectly as creation date

Version 1.1 (14/10/2015):
[+] Added white label license. Market and sell the product as your own.
[*] Deprecated MySQL functions removed and replaced with MySQLi
[*] Removed ioncube encryption system
[-] Fixed bugs with mailjet and sendgrid web hook APIs causing them to fail
[-] Fixed issue that caused licence errors when cron jobs were running

Version 1.0 (01/05/2014):
[+] v1.0 Released

Latest Version - v2.3 - Coming Soon

The next release is being prepared. Here`s what new:

New in v2.3

- Added official support for PHP7.4*
- Added support for PHP mail function
- Added year switcher for admin dashboard graph to see stats for selected years
- Added execution time, memory limit and timeout settings to admin CP. Please read the docs.

Updated or Removed

- Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.2.0)
- Updated Bootstrap library (3.4.1)
- Documentation updated. 404 links removed or updated and typos fixed.
- Improvements to error and exception handling
- In admin CP you can now re-order the main off canvas menu. Options you don't need can also be hidden.
- Updated jQuery javascript library (3.5.1)
- Update trumbowyg jquery plugin (2.21.0)
- Import and export routines now use the system temporary folder. This is auto cleared by the garbage collector and is used for better performance.
- Security enhancement. Backup folder path must explicitly be set in admin CP now for security.
- Added official support for PHP8.0*

Bug Fixes

- Fixed invalid variable reference on signup page causing error to trigger
- Fixed invalid variable reference when resending messages from admin CP
- Fixed issue where link tracking links didn't parse as html links in html messages / broadcasts
- Fixed issue where tracking links didn`t parse correctly in signup initial follow up messages
- Fixed issue where campaign notification settings did not stick after updating in admin CP
- Fixed issue where from and reply headers weren't copied if copying SMTP settings between campaigns
- Fixed MySQL date issues for MySQL servers running in STRICT mode that disallow 0000-00-00 date fields

Last updated: 12 March 2022
Release Date: Coming Soon
Please do not contact us about the release date, thank you.


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